A Green and Cost-Effective Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

With each passing daytechnological innovations continue to change the world we live in. Meanwhile, newly developed energy alternatives enhance our daily lives.

Blue Wheel Technologies is at the forefront of clean technology breakthroughs that will transform the way we travel. We have a simple, unique, and well-conceived process to change the way people move forward, from revolutionizing how they drive to envisioning methods to harness and use abundant, untapped power sources.


Who We Are

Blue Wheel Technologies is a Texas technology company that provides the Blue Wheel System™. Our product is an innovative technology for electric vehicle-recharging in the industrial space.

How the Blue Wheel System™ Works

The Blue Wheel System™ inductive charging solution eliminates the need for long charging times and the anxiety of running out of power. It uses coils embedded in the roadway to generate electromagnetic fields. An induction wheel attached to the back of the vehicle operates near the electromagnetic field and charges the vehicle’s battery while driving.

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