Providing Innovative Renewable Energy Solutions

At Blue Wheel Technologies, we have been dreaming of a world with reusable energy and without pollution for more than nine years. To achieve this vision, we have created a revolutionary concept like no other.

Under the leadership of Laurian Stoicoviciu, our experts have developed a new way to capture and utilize energy. Our Blue Wheel System™ On-The-Go® charging solution for electric and gas-hybrid vehicles is the next logical leap forward for transportation. With this system, there is no air gap between the vehicle and the road. We believe that the technology we offer can:

  • Reduce the need for foreign oil

  • Reduce pollution

  • Increase the efficiency and productivity for all drivers


Our Vision

Our goal is to revolutionize the way vehicles charge and to create energy from the roads.

Our Core Values

We operate according to our core values of:

  • Determination
  • Innovation
  • Vision

Other Advantages of Our Technology

There are more than 1 million miles of paved road in the United States. By using the latest discoveries in thermoelectric materials, electricity can be harnessed from the heat generated by roads exposed to intense sunlight. Solar light can be captured as well.

Electromagnetic charge is cost-effective and efficient. With the Blue Wheel System™, the same embedded infrastructure that is used for charging vehicles can be used in a variety of applications. These include distributing the electricity produced by solar light and heat from the roads and by vibrational energy from the driven vehicle.

Because of breakthroughs in the field of photovoltaic generation, quantum dots can be tuned to absorb different parts of the solar spectrum by varying their size. They are a promising route to low-cost solar cells because the particles can be sprayed onto surfaces much like paint.